Adult ADD

What's the Big Deal About Adult ADD?

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is thought to affect around 4% of the adult population and often goes unrecognized and/or untreated. While the symptoms of distractibility, restlessness and impulsivity can interfere with the quality of an individual’s life they can also adversely impact a couple’s relationship. In fact, failed relationships and difficulty maintaining relationships are very common complaints attached to adult ADD. The symptoms of ADD often leave the non-ADD partner confused, frustrated, and sometimes feeling desperate. But if an individual has a better understanding of how to identify ADD symptoms and how these symptoms can impact the relationship, then the chances of achieving relational harmony are increased.


This book helps non-ADD partners to identify ADD in adults, and demonstrates how it can manifest and cause problems within the Four Life Dimensions (Relational, Physical, Emotional, and Personal).


Specific skills will be described and discussed that will help non-ADD partners effectively manage the typical issues and conflicts that can interfere with the ability to have a healthy relationship due to ADD symptoms, including coping strategies to handle unhealthy responses and reactions and strategies to resolve interpersonal conflicts with more clarity and purpose.